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Uncharted represents more than just a location awaiting discovery; even if it's marked on a map, true understanding only unfolds through personal experience.  When we stand in a place, peering in the same direction, each of us takes away a unique memory, giving life to the mere coordinates on a map.


This body of work is my interpretations of various locations across Australia that I have explored and immersed myself in. These artworks serve as reflections on specific moments in time—moments when I was present in those spaces, be it alone, or accompanied by those I love, consumed by particular thoughts, or perhaps the absence thereof. Essentially, these paintings transcend mere depictions of places; rather, they serve as notations of my existence, immortalising the past long after it has evolved.


The creation of these paintings is a often a time-consuming process.  whether it's the deliberate mark-making, the blending of colours, the gradual oxidation of oil paint, or the patient observation waiting for inspiration. This meticulous journey leads me into a realm of reflection and meditation. Through this passage of time, I construct a representation that may resemble an existing place.  The act of painting becomes a transformative translation, preserving what once was into a visual testament of my journey.

For sales please contact Katrina Hampton at Art2Muse.

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